Rotary Disaster Network of Assistance RAG
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“Service to others  in time of disasters is in our DNA!”
Emergency Phone Tree
The emergency phone tree (sometimes referred to as a call-down list) provides for an organized method of reaching out to and checking on the needs and status of club members. The reason for the addition of Rotary Buddy and Out of Area contact information is that if the Rotarian responsible for contacting three or four other members and reporting back to a central info point can not get a response when calling the member they can check with the Buddy to see if they know their status. Club members should all have an "out of area" contact designated that they can call or arrange to have someone else call to report individual status. Additional information columns to consider adding are ones on special needs such as mobility and medical issues.  Not only should every club have a phone tree for emergencies, every member should have a phone tree for their family and loved ones!

Click on Phone Tree to download an example Excel emergency phone tree.

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